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Once fully formed our National Union will provide Union Chapters, Law Libraries, and other Amenities to our Members. Join us. Make this Dream a Reality

Choose your pricing plan

  • Union Member

    Every month
    Official Union Member of the F.C.P.P.R.A.U.
    • Unlimited access to Union Chapter Facilities in every state
    • Union members who actively advocate for one another
    • Access to legal libraries and assistance in your cps case
    • Members assist other members throughout the process
    • Access to a network of Union Chapters Nationwide

Plan 2

Official Union Membership with all rights and privileges of a State and National Union Member for one full year. One Official Union Tee shirt m/f your choice of Official Union Figures and available colors. $99.00

Plan 3

Official Union Membership for one full year.

One Official State Union Tee Shirt your choice of our unique design, State name, size and available color

One Official National Union Member Tee Shirt 


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