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First Roe vs Wade and now I.C.W.A

The balance of powers doctrine enshrined in our government was created to ensure that no one entity of the government from the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch's of our government exceeds the powers granted to them by our U.S. Constitution. Pro Abortion Advocates hinted that the recent reversal of Roe vs. Wade by our U.S. Supreme Court constitutes an "overreach" in powers granted that body by the constitution. It is now apparent by the courts decision to possibly overturn I.C.W.A that those advocates were right. I.C.W.A or the Indian Child Welfare Act was enacted in 1978. It is a federal law designed to keep Indian Children with Indian families. It was prompted by the fact of the high number of Indian Children being removed from their Indian families by both public and private agencies and being placed in non Indian homes. The overall purpose of the I.C.W.A. Act is to protect the best interests of Native Children and to promote the stability and security of Indian tribes and families by the establishment of minimum federal standards for the removal of Indian Children. For 44 years this "protection" has been in existence. Of 571 federally recognized tribes this protection applies to them all. Americans of Native American descent may not use I.C.W.A as a protection against a removal by child protective services unless they can document a direct tribal relative or descendant as well as being accepted as a member of that tribe. Something that is practically impossible to do. If more Americans of 25% Indian heritage or less were allowed to join the tribes of their ancestors which modern DNA tests could confirm they belonged to, it would swell the ranks of the Native American population in this country by tens of millions. Maybe this is something the recognized tribes should consider. Any oppressed peoples have the fundamental right to protect their "Human Rights". Here in America where the human rights of so many different cultures have been repeatedly violated since this countries founding, it is only right that this government be extending protections for persecuted groups instead of trying to remove them. The oppression of Native American children and families has been occurring in this country for hundreds of years, by default I.C.W.A stays. Additionally, since the oppression and persecution of African American families has also been prevalent for centuries by the trans atlantic slave trade and this countries centuries long slave culture which for centuries targeted children and their families for separation and removal to non African American families, we demand enactment of A.A.C.W.A the "African American Child Welfare Act. We will not stop there, for good measure, since poor families have also suffered this injustice we demand enactment of P.P.C.W.A, "Poor Peoples Child Welfare Act" this is not satire. I am in no way trying to minimize the implications of the horrendous act to rescind any protections of any children. Our point is that instead of we the people allowing this government to decrease our rights, lets unite and demand that this government increase and strengthen them.

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