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New Progressive Measures

This National Union must ensure that children in America who need the most help receive it. In order to achieve this we as a Union must improve our weaker elements. America's children deserve better. All of this country's people deserve better than the misuse of power currently in the hands of our current cps system. Cps justifications for the removal of most children in this country is a departtion from reality. Their goal remains the same it is to remove our chldren, place them in state custody and to terminate parental rights. All in an attempt to use children as property to pay off state and national debt. This National Union will fight to the bitter end to end this practice. It has been stated by the late great Massachusetts State Senator Edward M. Kennedy that to go to war six factors must exist. 1. A war must have a just cause, confronting a danger that is beyond question. 2. It must be declared by a legitimate authority acting on behalf of the people. 3. It must be driven by the right intention, not ulterior, self interested motives. 4. It must be a last resort. 5. It must be proportional, so that the harm inflicted does not outweigh the good achieved. 6. It must have a reasonable chance of success. These six principles should describe and justify cps war against American families. Instead it describes America's "undeclared war" against cps. A battle which shall be fought in the halls of justice, led by this National Union. We are living beings who desire to be free from systematic oppression and percecution. If we fail, our children shall inherit the same disadvantages the same percecutions. We shall fight for our future, we shall fight for change and we shall help our people, now.

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