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 This National Union has formed in response to the formation of the Foster Parents Union forming in Massachusetts in June of 2022. Our purpose is to organize a National Coalition of Parental Rights Advocates who will come together and fight the deprivation of Parental Rights state by state Nationwide.

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The Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union

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Child Protective Services Never Has Remorse

Child Protective Services in America operate under an air of invincibility. They NEVER express remorse. It seems that CPS social workers truly take pleasure in harming, degrading and humiliating parents. They go out of their way to demonize those parents they disagree with. This National Union has formed to counter CPS aggression state by state, nationwide. WE shall hold those responsible for the harming of innocent children and the illegal destruction  of good families accountable.

Why Are Our Elected Officials Allowing This?

Income generated by the state directly from the federal government for every child taken in that state amounts to billions and billions of dollars. Many cash strapped states refuse to allow those funds to go away.

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