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Our State Leadership

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our State Presidents are next in leadership in this Union after National Officers. State Presidents administer State Chapter Groups and build Official State Union Members in their States. Once fully formed as a National Union with resources and physical chapters in each state we will enact change in every state and nationally. Union Dues and sales of Union Merchandise is earmarked for the state in which it came. The larger the states paid memberships and merchandise sales the resources that state chapter will have.   

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Leading State President

Missouri State President Lucinda Bedwell, Leading State President

Alabama State President Kim Page

Arizona State President Joanna Cacino

Kentucky State President Heather Evans

California State President Candace Haller

Connecticut State President Alexandria Carlson

Florida State President Carla Hale

Mississippi State President Jerry Roach

New York State President Justin Rodgers

Tennessee State President LaKesia Rivers

Utah State President Diana Sharp

Vermont State President Robert Lamontague

Oregon State President Matthew McDaDaniel

Wisconsin State President Tiffany Jean

Montana State President Candi Brown

Supporting State Presidents


Supporting State Presidents are the State Presidents Staff
State Vice President
State Treasurer
State Chief Steward

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