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My fellow Advocates. It is well known to all that the child protective services system throughout this entire country is an entrenched and protected industry. It is shameful that the systems which are in place in America which are supposed to protect the rights of citizens like the courts the police and our elected officials, instead are all firmly committed to protecting a corrupt child protective services system. Cps as it stands today is this country's modern version of this country's slave trade of not too long ago. Just as then families are torn apart and the children are then sold away for profit. Many of these children are found to be sex trafficked. Nearly 83% of all trafficked children come from the child protective services system. Others are beaten and abused in their foster homes for years, only to reach adulthood damaged spiritually, emotionally and mentally. These children whose family ties and bonds have been severed more than a decade ago, wind up homeless, with mental health issues, become active substance abusers or wind up in our nations prison system. Then there are other children in the foster care system who wind up as victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Satanic Ritual Abuse or SRA is a growing phenomenon here in America. It involves the taking of young children who are usually in or from the foster care system and subjecting them to the most horrendous forms of physical and sexual abuse. Many of these children are mere infants and at the height of their fear they are slain and their blood and flesh are consumed. Many say that our nation's intelligence service plays an active part in providing victims for and protection of this practice. Cps social workers are hypocritical liars. They use deceiving lies to convince parents that they are on their side and judges that the child is at risk of harm. These undertrained workers use a pseudoscience in some insane attempt to predict future harm for children that they remove from their homes and yet are totally oblivious and little care for the harm the children experience in the homes in which they are placed. The laws which cps goes by applies to the law enforcer (cps) as well the purported law breaker (parents whose children they remove) and yet that is almost always never the case, cps will never file a complaint or do a thorough investigation into reported abuse of a child in a home in which cps has placed them. Children are sometimes abused for decades in the homes in which they have been placed by child protective services. We Advocates of the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union are tired of being stripped of our rights. And yet if you do not know what your rights are then you do not know when they are being violated. Learn your Constitutionally Protected Parental Rights. That way we can properly educate and assist our membership in the learning of their rights and how to safeguard them. Too much power has been given to this unjust and unconstitutional child protective services system. And as everyone should know, when you give too much power to any institution without sufficient and proper oversight, abuses of that power will occur. Child protective services in this country has operated for too long without any oversight whatsoever. Even their own cps Ombudsmen's Office and the Ombudsmen's Office of the Department of Health and Human Services the department charged with overseeing the actions of cps are powerless to force cps to return wrongfully removed children. This National Union will put an end to all of that. We will curtail the power of child protective services nationwide and we will not stop until every child in every cps office in every county in this country that has been wrongfully removed from their family has been returned to that family. So Help Us God.

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