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Good Morning fellow advocates and friends!

If you didn't get this message from me directly it is probably due to you having your profile set to private, hence there is no optional to message. I did want to be sure everyone received this and had a chance to respond. If you do not want to respond publicly, please feel free to DM me via this platform or Facebook whichever you feel more comfortable with. However, if neither of those options appease you please contact me via my email at

I am sending this personal message to ask what, if anything, we can do better as leaders of this group. Before July 4,2023 please respond to this message and let us know how we can improve, if you have utilized the benefits of your membership,, if you're satisfied with the benefits of your membership, have you spoken to another member of the union (either in Kentucky or nationally), what are your needs/concerns, is there any way myself or this union can be of assistance in the near future? Please take a few moments to respond and look for a CPS status poll in the Kentucky union group page or on Facebook. Thanks for being a loyal member and advocate. Have a great day!


Your Kentucky chapter union president,

Heather Evans


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