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First things first I want to thank everyone for being a part of the Kentucky chapter. Second I want to extend my deepest apologies for not being present as a state president should be. I assure you all that I am 100% committed to this cause. I have not seen, heard my babies voice or laugh or hugged my baby girls for almost 3 years now and no matter how long it has been that wound will seem fresh everyday. So I want you to know I'm no different than the people joining this group. I really would like to write out Legislature again but this time I would like to have real life examples besides just my story alone. So if everyone would PLEASE email me or PM me your story or your sister or friend, whoever has been affected by CPS in Kentucky. Please I want to be able to give several situations that are real. Let's gather these stories. If you would like to tell me your story via phone or zoom I'm willing to oblige to that. And my email is If anyone ever needs to chat or vent or just needs someone to scream at or cuss I'm your gal.

Please let's recruit as many people as we possibly can so that the next rally we will be the force we need to be to make these changes. I'm going to give everyone until next Friday March 10th 4pm CST to send me your story or anything relevant to this fight. One more thing I will let the group review the letters if you want to just let me know that when you email me.

Thanks Everyone!


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