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The End May Be Near, And It Is Unavoidable

As this world moves closer and closer to one impending doom or another there have been indications that we may be nearing the end of American global dominance and the decline of the American Empire. If this is so parents with children in state custody stand the risk of losing their children forever. We all know the lockdowns and restrictions of the Covid Era and how they disrupted courts and visits for millions of parents and children for over two years. We are just one step from seeing those actions implemented nationwide and remain in place permanently. With nearly every country in the process of turning it's back on a world economic system dominated by America and dependent upon the U.S. dollar. And other nations uniting to challenge America militarily, we everyday Americans shall have no recourse to bring our wrongfully taken children home if our economy and system of government collapse. This is real. We parents, advocates and foster children both past and present Must Unite Now. Every single one of us in this movement is important. Every voice we have gathered to the growing chorus of voices demanding change in our current child protective services system will be heard. As we speak there are farmers in Germany who have united and together with other organizations from countries around Europe are determined to force far reaching changes in the way that their government operates and treats them. We parents, advocates and foster children can do the same thing in this country. It was previous generations of Americans that showed the world how to change what was perceived to be societal norms into social justice change through non violent and peaceful protest. It is time for this generation of Americans to align with the forces of Justice in this country once again. Time is running out for our children and their families. We MUST Unite and Organize Now. I understand that many of you are afraid to stand up and afraid to speak out against cps injustice yet our ranks are growing. Our motivation is the image we see in our minds eye of our beloved children. The look of despair and hopelessness etched upon their tiny faces. For us failure is not an option we Must prevail. Most ancient cultures and civilizations used children as pawns to be separated from their cultures and families of their enemies. These children were nearly always abused and enslaved. The modern era has had its fair share of atrocities committed against children. From the early Spanish explorers feeding the children of the indigenous peoples to their dogs. To the African Slave Trade, Indian Boarding Schools, Orphan Trains and now Child Protective Services. A system that targets the poor and ignores the suffering of children and families and robs those working in the system as well as its victims of their humanity. Of the millions of children separated from their families since 1997, many will succumb to the lure of addiction. Others will fall prey to sex traffickers. The majority will become victims of our archaic criminal justice while another large group of them will simply disappear, maybe underground, never to be seen again. We must Unionize while we still can. Join the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union at It is fair to say that most awoken and enlightened individuals can no longer dismiss as conspiracy theory that there are individuals who desire our children's bodies. Some governmental agencies have for years used our stolen children to entrap and ensnare those politicians and celebrities who desire children sexually to control what these officials do and say. Then there are others who prey upon our children to consume them. It has been publically stated from many different sources that worldly and other worldly beings desire to consume the flesh and blood of our children because of the fact that most children do not smoke tobacco, drink alcohol or use drugs. They view these substances as pollutants which affects the taste of flesh. All of this madness must end. Peace and normalcy must be restored to our world. If we Americans can stop our government from shutting down Tik Tok as the Congress was determined to do, by flooding government offices and social media platforms with our outrage over their actions, then we most certainly can stop our government from condoning and participating in the mass illegal removals of our innocent children from their parents who have committed no crime against their or anyone else's child.

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