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The Struggle Continues

Holiday Greetings to all Official Union Members and all of our Associate Union Members from our social media platforms of the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union. I have been absent for a while, forgive me. Sometimes the stresses of advocating become very difficult and we must remove ourselves from it. It has been an extremely difficult year for many of us. More so with the absence of our children during the holidays. We all know that millions of other families across this nation have had their lives destroyed by our corrupt child protective services system. All the while our elected officials and others in positions of power and authority do nothing as our rights and our children are stripped away. Child protective services no longer works in the interests of our children. Our children are being forever damaged. Yet no one is working to fix the problems. A fair and just system of child protective services would respect Constitutional Law. They would target only parents who are seriously and criminally abusing their children. The system as it works today turns a blind eye to justice. It removes children unnecessarily and illegally to satisfy their annual quotas which must rise each year, to qualify for federal funding. Our children are being used like logs in a fire to feed what has become child protective services "corporate greed". Laws that apply to cps social workers should be the exact same laws that apply to police officers and public officials in the performance of their official duties. Although there are some corrupt police and public officials, most operate within the law. Cps social workers do not operate by those standards. They routinely file false reports, forge documents and perjure themselves in court all with impunity. They violate people's Constitutional Rights every single day. All of this is well known to every member of this Union. This National Union formed with the intention of uniting parents nationwide in this fight against cps injustice. Cps today is not designed for the safety of our children. Our government has turned a blind eye to our suffering and has only added to it. The state of the world today could suddenly change much worse and our children will be lost to us forever. We MUST organize now. With hundreds of thousands of members nationwide we can be the catalyst for change. With that many of us united we cannot be ignored. Our members may recall mention of a federal lawsuit filed against child protective services by two of our members in Springfield Massachusetts Federal Court. After a full year on the docket and the denial of two appeals it has been dismissed. Our Union has forwarded a copy of the lawsuit to the U.S. Justice Department Civil Rights Division for their intervention. If successfull in our request the lawsuit may be reintroduced with their assistance. A portion of any proceeds from any lawsuit initiated by this Union on behalf of one of our members will be retained by the Union for other lawsuits and Union activities. We are currently seeking online merchandisers who may be able to produce our Union Apparel more cheaply. If we could slash prices by 50% those funds will also be used for lawsuits and Union activity. Together with Union dues we shall eventually be successful in dismantling child protective services and bring our children home. Until then God Bless, and thank you for your advocacy.

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