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The Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union understands that there must be a system in place to keep children safe. They are vulnerable, and there are too many truly evil people who cannot hear the cries of children. What we object to is the incentives businesses and individuals receive from the "system". Like a judge who constantly sends juveniles to a private detention facility for petty reasons, because he owned private shares in the institution. Similar people exist in the child protective services industry. There are many exhausted systems, and much wasted resources. Much of this can be attributed to an outdated "quota" system and states child protective services systems total dependence on federal funding. The current funding system for every child protective services system in every state and territory is ripe for corruption, abuse and waste. It creates a "Feeding Frenzy For Funding" for every state. No state politician would disrupt that federal funding for their state. It would cost their state billions and it would be political suicide. So they work on ways to get the most funding they can from the system. And the only way to do that is to take into state custody as many children as you can. Its like the saying "take them all, and let God sort them out" No. That is unacceptable. Too many innocents get thrown into the system. Children who were innocent of need of care over those who really did need it and innocent parents accused of abuse over the parents who really do abuse children. That is the problem federal funding for any states child protective services system is morally wrong. We are of the opinion that if each state funded their own child protective services system then that would get rid of the layers upon layers of bureaucracy that exists is every child protective services office in the country. Supervisors who were promoted solely based upon high numbers of children they had adopted should be replaced. More emphasis upon real investigative agendas and make anyone making a false report of neglect or abuse an arrestable offense. Completely eliminating federal funding for states child protective services systems forces states to focus upon real instances of abuse of children investigations, side by side with police as they do whenever criminal child abuse occurs. That is why fraudulent claims made by unscrupulous social workers of neglect or abuse of a child by a parent is automatically assumed to be true by the police, the courts and the public. Innocent children are being sucked into the system all to maximize the money the state receives from a federal program? That is criminal. And there will be a day in court. The Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union is dedicated to bringing all officials, no matter their position, who participated in and/or allowed this crime to exist and continue, to a court of justice on the state as well as the federal level. State by state, no matter how long it takes.

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