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Dedicated Advocates and Activists of the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union. It has been a little over 100 days since the 2nd anniversary of the founding of this National Union on March 6th 2021. March 6th is also The National Day of Protest Against CPS Injustices. A little over 100 days have passed since this Union announced that we were attempting to organize our 1st National Conference of our National Officers and State Presidents on our 3rd anniversary on March 6th 2024 at a location yet to be determined. This National Union envisions this conference to be the 1st of many of such conferences where we will assemble as leaders of this Union most of whom are undisputedly some of the fiercest advocates in the Parental Rights Movement. We will assemble in one location and plan the strategies we will use to confront and eliminate CPS injustices in this country. As we all know Child Protective Services is a well organized and fully funded organization that operates outside of the law and in defiance to the rights guaranteed in the Constitution for Families and Children. The "Foster Parents Union", whose creation in Massachusetts two years ago sparked the creation of this Union, is a well funded organization with entire buildings dedicated to the work that they do. Its creation angered and inspired a group of dedicated advocates to join forces to combat Child Protective Services, a "for profit" corporation, on a truly national level by creating Union State Chapters in every single state and occupied U.S. Territory. And thanks to the efforts of our many members and associates we are growing larger and larger everyday. Although we are still very far from where we will eventually be we finally have groups set up and accessible for every state and territory, that is 54 chapters. Some of our more popular State Groups have followers from across the country and although that is good this Union's goal is for the groups to attract more residents of the state it represents. State members and followers who were victimized by the child protective services system in their state. By county then state and finally nationally child protective services will be brought to account for the parents and children they have victimized, and the laws that they have broken. As previously mentioned cps as well as The Foster Parents Union are very well funded. Their actions and policies has been subsidised and protected by our State Legislatures across the country. Where will we find funding to address these injustices which occur every single day in every single state. No state legislator will recognize us as a Union, much less fund us. Yet we are all paying for cps to do what they do to us through our own tax dollars and outright theft of our Social Security Trust Fund. Because if child protective services were funded solely by each state it operates in and not by federal dollars, child protective services would be gone, "like a fart in the wind". I have previously announced that this Union has filed our 1st federal lawsuit on behalf of two members in Springfield Massachusetts Federal Court. It is docket number 3:22-cv-30149-mgm Punch et al vs. Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Filed in December of last year the complaint had to be amended twice before it had a moving forward. The 2nd amended version was approved by federal judge Mark G. Mastroianni to be allowed to continue. This was contrary to the order of the original judge Katherine A. Robertson who in her findings and recommendations report ordered the case be remanded to a lower court for dismissal after the 1st amendment did not meet the standards to continue. Judge Mastroianni sent the case back to judge Robertson who has made no decision on it for nearly 90 days. But the 1st complaint that was rejected by her was decided in 6 days. This National Union shall not sit idly by waiting for courts to respond. We know that there are powerful forces arrayed against us. Governmental agencies, intelligence agencies, police forces, courts and elected officials are all against what we are trying to do. We are not discouraged. If anything we are invigorated, these our our children we are fighting for. To win the fight we have devised a three part revenue generator. Number one is federal lawsuits. The Union receives 10% of every one we initiate when we are successful. We will have many surefire cases of injustice to choose from. Number two is through Union Dues. Although our leadership is exempt from paying dues anyone else wishing to become a card carrying member must pay dues. At $5.00 per month, that is less than some people pay for coffee every day, we can fund more lawsuits and eventually purchase our 1st Union Chapter Building. Number three is our merchandising initiative. We will contract to have our Union Logo in all of its forms printed on clothing and offered for sale on our website. Our State Presidents must explain the importance of Official Union Membership to their followers on their state groups as well as other social media platforms they have available to them. All funds which are accumulated from these sources will be under the direct control of this Union's National Treasurer. No funds can be disbursed from her control without two signatures, hers and this Union's National President. Additionally no funds may be approved for disbursement without a vote of all four National Officers. It has recently come to my attention that there is a term used in law enforcement circles called "adoption". It is a term most commonly used between State Police and the federal DEA. Adoption refers to when a state law enforcement agency aledge someone is guilty of misconduct or breaking the law and that is affirmed by the court that state agency is then allowed to seize cash, property or cars. The state agency then contacts its counterpart at the federal level and hands over control of the seized asset to them. The federal agency does all of the work and kicks back up to 80% of the value of the proceeds of the seized item back to the state agency. Both the state agency as well as the federal agency involved in the seizure benefit immensely financially all to the detriment of the citizen who may be completely innocent of what is alleged. All of our federal and state politicians know how adoption works yet they vow to protect its practices and violations of peoples rights to enhance their states "bottom line". We advocates and advocates know full well what adoption means when referring to child protective services. Most adoptions are made to enrich child protective services in the state in which it is operating as well as to enrich its federal counterpart the federal Department of Health and Human Services. It is no accident that HHS is also the federal counterpart of all U.S. hospitals. Hospitals are the biggest remover of innocent children from innocent parents next to cps itself. Cps social workers work closely with hospital social workers to ensure that any child cps brings to the hospital stays in cps custody.This is mostly done unnecessarily and is being done nationwide. Local police are oblivious to the unlawfulness they are constantly being exposed to and march happily along to any tune the cps social worker is playing. Cps uses the view that its actions are legitimate and that they are an authority and work in conjunction with many hospitals to fool the police and remove children unnecessarily, unlawfully and unconstitutionally. By using false and exaggerated unsubstantiated allegations of abuse and/or neglect cps social workers convince the police that a child is being abused and needs to go to the hospital. The police remove the child under threat of arrest of the parents and the child placed into the temporary custody of the hospital. After some time has passed the hospital then transfers custody of the child back to cps where cps then seeks federal funding through taxes and our Social Security Trust Fund through the federal agency the Department of Health and Human Services which both cps and hospitals both contract under. The only thing that the Department of Health and Human Services does service is injustice. The reason why cps is so protected by our politicians, our legislatures and our police forces is because of the revenue it generates for each state it operates in. Our politicians are all members of the United States Corporation. Child protective services is also a corporation and we all know that the purpose of every corporation ever created is to make money.

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Candence Coleman
Candence Coleman
May 26, 2023

Please help me get justice medical kidnapping of my 6week old daughter please

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