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We Declare A State of Emergency In America

The Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union is declaring a state of emergency in America. As the world falls into chaos things are like they have never been before. Between the warfare and the weather our children are dying by the millions. Injustice is everywhere. People believe that loyalty is a choice. The very structure of the child protective services system have become shackles. It is this country's scandalous family secret. No one wants to talk about it or confront it. This National Union is on a mission to reinvent ourselves. We must become inspired. Everything that we do will lead to something else. We National Members spend years never forgetting the pain child protective services brought into our lives. Much trauma and pain. It is far worse and much more severe for the children. Used as pawns in this money making child taking business. In the chaos of today's world the struggle to create this National Union may appear to have lost. The Covid Crisis showed everyone how very easily child protective services was willing to suddenly and without warning deprive parents of all physical contact with their children and access to the courts. They just without any warning or debate just shut the faucet off. No physical contact for 2 years. The time parents and children lost with one another because of the plandemic was never made up, it was just gone never to be mentioned again. This National Union will form so that we National Members will never be ignored when we voice our opinion on what child protective services does with our children. Many people wish that things were better. But wishes never changed policy or prevented profiteers from their profits. It is better to have a plan. This National Union has a one. We had hoped to hold our 1st National Convention on the 2nd anniversary of the formation of this National Union on the 3rd annual National Day of Protest Against CPS Injustice on March 6th 2024. As popular as this National Union is with all of our many many followers we will never initiate real change without funding. Right now we do not have any. Once funded we will begin purchasing Union Chapter Buildings with our 1st located in Massachusetts, the state this National Union formed in. Formed in response to the formation of the Foster Parent's Union in Massachusetts, a well funded and a government/legislature recognized organization. From our State Chapter Buildings our members will be transported by bus by our Union anywhere and anyplace we choose to. That's when our souls will truly be soaring. The era of child protective services invincibility will have come to an end. Then WE shall control the narrative and the entire story. Not the criminals who are committing the crimes. We can write a new history of it and everyone will know that this Union's dedicated and disciplined members were the ones who decided to initiate real change. In the event of a major catastrophic event as bad as Covid maybe worse, parents will lose all rights or chance to ever see their lost children again. With a Union Chapter Building in every state our members will have a place to go. To meet one another, and decide how best to address that states child protective services problem. Every State Chapter and every State Union Member are part of the overall National Union. Each State Chapter working independently but also as that states Union Representation. While National and State President's, Vice President's, Treasurer's and Chief Steward's are automatically granted National and State Union Membership, we need as many of our followers from as many State Chapter Groups as possible to pay a nominal monthly Union dues of five dollars per month, sixty dollars per year. With these funds we could reduce costs of our merchandise and maybe jumpstart mail order Union Funding. Together with 10% of every federal lawsuit filed we shall be able to establish Union Chapters in every state and the four occupied U.S. Territories. The Union shall establish two accounts to manage these endeavors with the National Treasurer and Georgia State Treasurer managing the account containing all Union Dues paid to the Union. And the National President and Massachusetts State Treasurer managing the account containing all merchandise sales and lawsuits won. The Georgia State Treasurer and the Massachusetts State Treasurers shall conduct periodic audits of each other's offices. No disbursement from any account may be made without a full vote of all four National Officers. In the event of a tie the vote of our Leading State President shall decide the question. In the event of a major national or international event or disaster that has a major impact on everyone globally everyone may have to work together in smaller groups to survive it. Why couldn't this Union provide the anchor for these groups. With our Chapters working independently while at the same time part of a National Organization with Chapter buildings in every state our members will have a greater sense of purpose. Greater purpose far beyond our current experiences. We have a duty and an obligation to resist this unnatural war that child protective services has declared upon children and families in this country. We have the power of righteousness and truth on our side. We must force child protective services and our state and national politicians to respond to and respect the wishes of each states citizens. Our timing for forming this Union is purposeful. We empower cps by not banding together and stopping them. The vicious cycle of cps blanket removal of children will continue another 25 years.

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