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This National Union intends to grow it's vision of a National Coalition of Parental Rights Organizations ALL United to Abolish the current child protective services system

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Notice to @Everyone Concerning Membership Requests:

I just vetted someone by the name of LN McLeod who was requesting to join #Mississippi. She answered no questions but I looked up her full profile by typing her name into Facebook's search engine, not just clicking on her profile provided with the request. She didn't have much of a profile, but I saw that she was a member of "AZ Foster and Adoptive Families" which is a support group in opposition to everything we're working for. Membership questions are the locked door to our enemies joining our groups and causing trouble. If you would like help with strengthening your Membership questions, please contact me.

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This National Union must ensure that children in America who need the most help receive it. In order to achieve this we as a Union must improve our weaker elements. America's children deserve better.

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Call/email/message/protest in front of the state capital...whatever you can do to contact every member of Kentucky's legislature to stop this:

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