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March 6th 2023 will mark the two year anniversary of the founding of this National Union. To form in response to the formation of the Foster Parents Union which is well funded and even praised by the State Legislature in Massachusetts where it formed. This National Union formed in response to a failure in the moral fabric of America. In the short time we have existed we have managed to bring on board the most dedicated Family Rights Advocates in America and on Facebook to join us as our Union Chapters State Presidents and National Officers. Almost daily we National Officers receive reports from across the country of how our Union Officers and Union Organizers have come under increased harassment,and Walmart workers unionizing scrutiny and harassment with their cases, private lives and when interacting with court or law enforcement officials. It is happening to too many of our officials from our National President on down for it to be a coincidence. So in the proud tradition of those advocates of the past, the ones who protested against slavery, and Jim Crow and protested for Farm Workers, Steel Workers, Hospital Workers the AFLCIO even Star Bucks and Walmart workers organizing, the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union has formed. Because "Whoever said being a parent or grandparent, isn't a Full Time Job". This National Union "Stands United". We are like "Family", you mess with one of us, you mess with us all. We are like the Army, or the Police, we are one of the biggest "Gangs" in America. So. "Respect Our Existence, Expect Our Resistance"

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