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National President

Melvin Punch

Former New York City Corrections Officer and member of C.O.B.A. (Corrections Officers Benevolent Association), Former Mailhandler for the United States Postal Service and Chief Union Steward for the N.P.M.H.U (National Postal Mailhandlers Union) in Worcester Massachusetts, Founder of "Laura's Shelter House" a 501c3 Non profit Charitable Organization and the Founder of the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union. Mr Punch brings a variety of talents and skills to his organization and management of this National Union. Mr. Punch, whose father was an ardent Labor and Civil Rights Advocate himself, Fred A. Punch was the president of the 1199 Hospital Workers Union in Baltimore during a statewide strike which was supported by Mrs. King in 1971, draws on his extensive knowledge gained first hand by his life long membership in unions as well his knowledge of other great movements for social justice of the past, to propel this union to heights never dreamed of.

Our National Leaders Defined

Our Direction

Our National Leadership defines the direction our National Union shall take. Each National Officer has an equal vote in determining the directives, decisions and dynamics of this National Union. The four voting members shall each cast their votes on all decisions pertaining to any decisions or the directives which are to be implemented by our our National Union on the state level. In the event of a tie in the voting process the President of our Massachusetts State Chapter shall cast the deciding vote.

Group Discussion

National Vice President

Amy Lynn Whalen

Our former National Chief Steward Amy Lynn Whalen has been promoted to the position of National Vice President. She will assume all of the official duties and responsibilities of our former National Vice President Barbara "Sweetie" Medlin. Vice President Whalen is one of the founding members of this National Union and started her union career as this unions Massachusetts State President. Vice President Whalen brings a wealth of experience to her new position and will be essential in the future growth of this National Union.

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National Treasurer

Barbara "Sweetie" Medlin

Barbara "Sweetie" Medlin has assumed the position Of National Treasurer for this union. Sweetie as she is affectionately known is a founding member of this union who started her illustrious career as California State President, then moving on to becoming union National Vice President and is now our National Treasurer one of our most trusted and valued positions. Sweetie while serving as National Vice President was instrumental in establishing and growing this National Union on our social media platforms. With her ascension to the position of National Treasurer she will continue to be a strong, courageous and innovative leader of this National Union.

National Chief Steward

AlyeaRose Medzegien

AlyeaRose Medzegien has assumed the role of this unions National Chief Steward. Chief Steward Medzegien is this unions former Alaska State President. As State President Chief Steward Medzegien distinguished herself as the leader of one of our largest and most active union pages and has distinguished herself as being one of the leading Parental Rights Advocates in her state. As National Chief Steward AlyeaRose will continue to distinguish herself as one of this unions National Officers. Her determination and commitment shall help lead this union to explosive growth and dynamic advocacy.

A Supportive Hug

Appointing State Presidents

National Chief Steward Medzegien has been appointed to head our prestigious "Presidents Council". Individuals appointed to this council shall be tasked with identifying those states and territories which currently do not possess a state leadership structure. AlyeaRose has been given the authority to seek out this nations most ardent and dedicated Parental Rights Advocates and upon approval of all voting National Officers these individuals shall be appointed to State President, State Vice President, State Treasurer and State Chief Steward positions upon her recommendation.

Relaxing with Music

Our Union Stewards

The National Chief Steward position is perhaps one of the most difficult positions in this National Union. Overseeing an army of union stewards, the National Chief Steward shall supervise a staff of hundreds of individuals. Our other National Officers in addition to their job descriptions supervise their counterparts on the state level. Yet the National Chief Steward in addition to their duties contained in their job description must supervise State Chief Stewards, a minimal of four Regional Stewards per state and territory as well as Assistant Regional Stewards and County Stewards. Our union stewards are our foot soldiers and are this unions direct contact with our union membership and the public at large.

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Amy Whalen 

Ms. Whalen is a formidable Advocate with 20+ years of experience fighting child protective services injustice. Her leadership and impressive management capabilities, makes her an excellent choice for this unions leadership of 54 State and Territorial Chief Steward Offices and the thousands of union stewards to be employed by those 54 chapters nationwide.

National Vice President

National Chief Steward

AlyeaRose Medzegien

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