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About Us

This National Union has encountered much adversity which has limited our formation Nationally. From the censorship of Facebook which caused us to lose access to 62 Facebook pages and groups which we were completely blocked from accessing to the censorship and harassment on that platform of our Union Members and Officials, we have endeavored to pursue our goal of organizing every U.S. state and U.S. Territory into an active Union Chapter. March 6th 2024 shall mark the two year anniversary of the formation of this Union. In this short time we have managed to attract thousands of Associate Union Members to our groups and pages. We will not  blame our limited organization efforts on censorship alone. It seems that many individuals who would have otherwise joined us are reluctant to do so out of fear of the harsh repercussions Child Protective Services hands out to parents who do not submit to their iron rule. Never the less many of this Nations most prominent Parental Rights Advocates have already joined us more than any other organization. It is because they believe in our vision of a united Union. combating CPS injustice nationwide. This National Union has endeavored to contact the United States Justice Department's Criminal Civil Rights Division in regards to a federal civil action filed on behalf of two of our Official Union Members. This lawsuit filed in November of 2022 has languished in the Springfield Massachusetts Federal Court until recently when it was abruptly dismissed this week. This lawsuit which names as defendants the Department of Children and Families in Boston and Worcester Massachusetts as well as several area hospitals, individual social workers, their supervisors as well as numerous CPS attorneys as well as a Massachusetts Family Court Judge hopefully will be reintroduced to the courts by our U.S. Justice Department. Additionally this Union has introduced a merchandise line which we hoped would help to generate a revenue stream which would enable us to bring all Union Officials and Members together at one location for our 1st National Union Conference. With our merchandise a bit overpriced we were unable to successfully achieve this goal. Our National Union has been actively seeking online merchandisers to produce our wares at a lower price to make them more affordable for purchase. It is our hope that with merchandising revenue, Union dues from Official Union Members as well as donations, that we could begin to achieve our goal of purchasing Official Union Chapter buildings in every U.S. State and Occupied U.S. Territory. These Union Chapter buildings, owned by Official State Union Members and operated by our State Presidents and their staff shall be instrumental in recruiting Official Union Members in each and every state.  



Welcome to the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union. This National Union is dedicated to family, church and community. We Advocates have established this National Union in order to confront and combat the practices and propaganda of today's child protective services system. We Official Members of this our National Union, once lost in the sadness and misery inflicted upon us by child protective services and our state family courts, have resolved to join together to attempt to stop the physical and emotional abuse inflicted upon our children by an unjust system. We do not believe that today's cps system as it exists in it's current form is not the appropriate agency to be entrusted with the responsibilities of the welfare of American children. The unconstitutional manner in which our children are removed from their homes and placed in state custody bears witness to the fact that this agency operates through unjust means and unlawful actions. This National Union is committed to changing this. To be truly effective we must have all or nearly all past, present and future victims of cps injustice join us and become Official Union Members.
Family Fuels Futures

National President

Melvin Punch

Former New York City Corrections Officer and member of C.O.B.A. (Corrections Officers Benevolent Association), Former Mailhandler for the United States Postal Service and Chief Union Steward for the N.P.M.H.U (National Postal Mailhandlers Union) in Worcester Massachusetts, Founder of "Laura's Shelter House" a 501c3 Non profit Charitable Organization and the Founder of the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union. Mr Punch brings a variety of talents and skills to his organization and management of this National Union. Mr. Punch, whose father was an ardent Labor and Civil Rights Advocate himself, Fred A. Punch was the president of the 1199 Hospital Workers Union in Baltimore during a statewide strike which was supported by Mrs. King in 1971, draws on his extensive knowledge gained first hand by his life long membership in unions as well his knowledge of other great movements for social justice of the past, to propel this union to heights never dreamed of.

Our National Leaders Defined

Our Direction

Our National Leadership defines the direction our National Union shall take. Each National Officer has an equal vote in determining the directives, decisions and dynamics of this National Union. The four voting members shall each cast their votes on all decisions pertaining to any decisions or the directives which are to be implemented by our our National Union on the state level. In the event of a tie in the voting process the President of our Massachusetts State Chapter shall cast the deciding vote.

Group Discussion

National Vice President

Amy Lynn Whalen

Our former National Chief Steward Amy Lynn Whalen has been promoted to the position of National Vice President. She will assume all of the official duties and responsibilities of our former National Vice President Barbara "Sweetie" Medlin. Vice President Whalen is one of the founding members of this National Union and started her union career as this unions Massachusetts State President. Vice President Whalen brings a wealth of experience to her new position and will be essential in the future growth of this National Union.

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National Treasurer
Kristen-Clark Hassel

Kristen-Clark Hassel has served as this Union's Georgia State President since this Union's inception nearly two years ago. She is one of our original founding members and has served with distinction leading our Georgia State Chapter. Recognizing her excellent organizational and leadership skills she has been promoted to the position of National Officer of this Union by a majority vote of this Union's voting National Officers where she has continued to serve this Union on a national level.

National Chief Steward

AlyeaRose Medzegien

AlyeaRose Medzegien has assumed the role of this unions National Chief Steward. Chief Steward Medzegien is this unions former Alaska State President. As State President Chief Steward Medzegien distinguished herself as the leader of one of our largest and most active union pages and has distinguished herself as being one of the leading Parental Rights Advocates in her state. As National Chief Steward AlyeaRose will continue to distinguish herself as one of this unions National Officers. Her determination and commitment shall help lead this union to explosive growth and dynamic advocacy.

A Supportive Hug

Appointing State Presidents

All State Presidents of this National Union are appointed by a majority vote of this Union's four National Officers. State Presidents can only be appointed to the state in which they reside. Candidates for appointment are nominated by an existing State President or National Officer. There qualifications for appointment are then weighed and a vote is called for the four voting National Officers as to whether the appointment will be confirmed or denied. In the event of a tie in the vote of the National Officers the vote of the Leading State President shall decide the question.

Relaxing with Music

State Vice President
State Treasurer
State Chief Steward

State Presidents are required to appoint their state leadership to assist them in the effective management of their State Chapters. The four state officials worked as a team led by their State President to build the membership of their State Chapters, assist their members in all aspects of their struggles with their county child protective services systems. To organize and lead their membership at state and national Union events, rallies and assemblies. To petition their state legislatures for positive change in their state child protective services systems and to work closely with Union Chapters in neighboring states fo conduct regional Union activities.

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