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This National Union intends to grow it's vision of a National Coalition of Parental Rights Organizations ALL United to Abolish the current child protective services system

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How We Will Obtain National Recognition

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

With nearly one third of our unions state chapters with State Presidents firmly in place we are on track in our goal of having all U.S. states and occupied territories with dedicated union presidents. As individuals in those states become more and more "Fed Up" with the indignities and injustices doled out daily by child protective services, they will organize. Right not there are hundreds if not thousand of groups and individuals claiming to have the solution to the problem of cps injustice in this country. But there has never been one made up and ran entirely by the victims of it. Everyone from Starbucks to Walmart workers unionized, even foster parents have a union. We formed this union of advocates and former victims the next day. Our legislatures seem to be in collusion with cps. Every single thing cps says is necessary is given to them yet our voices and our rights fall upon deaf ears. NO MORE. We will organize then we will force them to change. Lets spare another innocent generation of American children the harm and dreaded effects of a broken child protective services system.

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