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Being a Parent or Grandparent is a FULL TIME JOB

When this National Union first began many people questioned the logic of unionizing foster children, parents and parental rights advocates. No one seemed to question the logic behind unionizing foster parents. The Massachusetts State Legislature, representing the state where the Foster Parents Union formed, formally recognized, endorsed and began funding the Foster Parents Union. And why wouldn't they. Massachusetts is one of the gigantic pigs feeding from the trough of the the federally funded foster care system. The state Family Courts are set up to perpetuate this foul system at the expense of thousands of children and parents. Massachusetts alone receives billions upon billions of dollars for their obsolete child protective services system, and no state elected official dares stand in the way of this. Look what happened to State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her family when she tried. Well to those politicians I say "if you got into this line of work thinking you were not going to get your hands dirty, resign, UPS is hiring. Traditionally in America, unions are confined to organizations representing workers. Steel Workers, Farm Workers, Postal Workers and even now Starbucks Workers. There is a Parents Union which was formed to confront the all powerful Teachers Union the two largest and most powerful unions representing teachers in education. The "Parents Union" formed because of the monopoly the American Federation of Teachers Union has had in the education and curriculum of our children. Then in March 2021 the Foster Parents Union formed in Massachusetts. Immediately the State Legislature recognized them and applauded their formation. The Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union formed the very next day. We held our first protest in front of the Boston State Capital building in commemoration of the "National Day of Protest against CPS Injustice" held in over 20 state capitals nationwide. And yet we are not recognized or applauded by legislators nor are we being funded by them. We are viewed as being "trouble makers" upset over our "deserved" treatment at the hands of Family Courts and Child Protective Services. Nothing could be further from the truth. On social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Facebook there is a huge following of individuals and organizations trying to right the wrongs inflicted upon American children and families by child protective services. Our elected officials, the courts and even law enforcement dance to their tune. Few realize that CPS has morphed into an all encompassing agency that gets bloated annually off of the taking of children and the federal funds they receive for doing so. Everyone feels that child protective services is doing a wonderful job. And why wouldn't people believe that when CPS completely controls the narrative. Foster Care Reviews which they tout as being completely independent, march in lockstep to the dictates of CPS. Child Neglect and Abuse Reports are written by them and are changed if the narrative does not fit what CPS is trying to depict. Investigated Reports from court appointed investigators believe wholeheartedly the narrative cps social workers espouse. The Service Plans which are supposedly created to "right the wrongs" which led to a child's removal are constantly changed and amended as the parents complete the tasks outlined in them in order to show parents are not in compliance and are completely in the hands of cps. Even the narrative a parent gives when first questioned by cps is under their control and is written and re written to effect whatever is the outcome that cps desires. The system is completely rigged from top to bottom. And our elected officials are complicit. Why is it so that if there are items on your CORI which are outdated and irrelevant you may have those items removed from that report so that no police officer or prosecutor can ever see them. But any item deleted from a CORI can STILL be viewed by child protective services and used against a parent in a Family Court Termination of Parental Rights Hearing? It is all by design my friends and fellow advocates, and this National Union is here to change that design. So "why a union?" you say? Because "Being a Parent or a Grandparent is a Full Time Job" and we Birth Parents are the experts at it.

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