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This National Union intends to grow it's vision of a National Coalition of Parental Rights Organizations ALL United to Abolish the current child protective services system

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Child Protective Services an Un-American Institution

My friends, parents and fellow Advocates. My name is Melvin Punch, I am the National President of the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union. Today this country is littered with the broken bodies and broken lives of millions of children all created by the crimes committed by this nations brutal child protective services system which is currently operating in every U.S. state and territory. This country's obsession with removing children from their parents is deeply rooted in American history. From slavery to Native American schools and everything in between and since, it is clear that the desired effect by those in positions of power and authority was the removal of children from parents regardless of the fact that the removal was motivated by prejudice, was racially motivated, was religiously motivated, was financially beneficial to the one removing the child or just plain beneficial to the remover. There is a coordinated effort on the part of child protective services and our Family Courts to separate children from their parents. Police Departments across this country and our elected officials ignore the legality of these unjust removals and are therefore complicit in them. We parents and advocates are sick and tired of losing our children unjustly based upon the lies, distortions of facts and falsehoods perpetuated by every child protective services system in this dcountry. Too many parents are being manipulated by unscrupulous cps social workers to surrender their children and their Constitutionally Protected Parental Rights to child protective services and family courts. Parents are often blinded by the charisma and charm of these social workers. Cps social workers are cunning and depraved. These social worker predators use superficial charm and pretend to be thoughtful and considerate of the parents wishes and what is in the best interests of the children. This is far from the actual truth. These workers are social predators. They practice their skills daily and are intent on removing the children from the home only. They are serial predators and are forcing our country to ruin. This country has been transformed into a country where the culture of adoption prevails. This transformation has been slow and steady and is being driven by the narrative that children are better off with strangers than with actual family members. This has been allowed to occur because child protective services completely controls the narrative when it comes to adoption. This National Union, the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union is here to to challenge and dispute the narrative espoused by cps. We intend to shine a bright light upon the evils being perpetuated by today's corrupt and unjust child protective services system. The atmosphere which has been created by cps in this country is draining to parents and dangerous to our children. Foster homes in America are home to the most horrible crimes ever committed against children. Many children endure sustained cruelty during their stay in these foster homes. These children are totally isolated from the protection of their birth parents and walk with true monsters everyday. Many of these foster parents want little to do with children. They are completely motivated by the financial incentives taking in children from foster care offers. Many lack empathy, affection or mercy. It is a totally inadequate environment to have a defenseless child in and yet child protective services protects these ruthless individuals relentlessly until a child is actually murdered by these criminals. Cps has created a unique set of challenges and obstacles for parents and advocates. We never receive any openness or cooperation from cps. They are always confrontational. These challenges will be overcome. The Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union will overcome ALL obstacles when it comes to our children. We firmly believe that it is what we bring to this fight to initiate real change to child protective services in America is what truly matters. And we bring our all. The further this union goes in this fight the greater the gains and protections we shall win for parents and their children.

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