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This National Union intends to grow it's vision of a National Coalition of Parental Rights Organizations ALL United to Abolish the current child protective services system

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Correction Officer, Rikers Island New York

I was a Corrections Officer fir the New York City Department of Corrections from November of 1987 to around April 2000. Nearly three years. During that time I was assigned to C-76. We held sentenced inmates for a bullet, a year ir less, the standard term for dudes caught with a gun. Although if you was caught with a high velocity firearm like a .380 you get years for each bullet locked and loaded. 380's pierce vests. At least the old ones they had when I was in. Those vests only stopped a .22 max. Lucky if it would stop a shank. Anyways the "Crash Crew" responded to an incident. And called for backup. Everysingle C.O. that was in the C.O. dining facitilty was on break. 30 of us stood up and went and got suit uped. Helmet, 3ft baton, plexiglass 2 ft Plexiglas shield and off we went in support of our other officers. That is the mindset and discipline that this National Union.shall be built upon.

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