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Cry Why Why Why?

There has been some confusion amongst our valued Union Members as to whether other Parental Rights Organizations whose dynamic leaders who inspire us are worth emulating. Of course some of us in this struggle against oppression desire prominence and prestige in this fight for what is right. While most just want their kids back. But whatever your motivation, its "all boots on the ground". There seems to have emerged in this struggle three primary organizations who seem to be making some headway in bringing the reality of this endeavor to the majority of the American public who are mostly unaware of what it entails they also represent the three largest Parental Rights Organizations in this country. "Save Our Children", by far the most prestigious and run by the knowledgeable and resourceful Pamela Olsen. The "Family Forward Foundation", organized and led by Connie Reguli. And the " Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union" led by yours truly. This National Union, the "new kids on the block" is barely two years old. But in that short span of time we have leaped frogged into position to become one of the most prominent and most vocal organizations in this fight. Until our formation the top two organizations previously mentioned, had their own unique practices and policies in place to deal with their members questions about dealing with child protective services. Some effective. Some not. But once this National Union unveiled its comprehensive strategy on how we would organize every county in every state, then organize every state and territory into a powerful National Union with Union Chapters in each state set up to help those desperate parents seeking answers and means to fight the oppressive cps system, every established organization copied our model. That is okay with us, we can use all the help that we can get. But remember, your organization is an organization. This organization is a "National Union". A union of Advocates. All bound together by their pain from and hatred of this current child protective services system. Some of our leaders have become dismayed at our memberships devotion to some of these other leaders and their organizations. They wish for this union to implement an immediate ban to the posting of or promotion for any other organization other than our own. And rightly so. Aren't these organizations copying us? Aren't they soliciting members that we might recruit? This Union's response is no. This fight is too big and far too complex for any one organization to tackle alone. For now. This Union is making gains to secure the leading position in the Parental Rights Movement in America. Eventually all other such organizations will come beneath our umbrella. We are the only true National Union of Advocates. People by the hundreds contact me daily asking why, why, why is this happening? I can not answer. I just know that no one deserves this and deserves has not a thing to do with it. Cry why. Yet this National Union, with 1,000,000 Union Members, all paying $5.00 a month in Union dues, would completely eradicate child protective services as it exists in America today in less than 1 year.

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