My Fellow Advocates

How long will we Americans allow ourselves to suffer the indignities of a system that robs us of our individual liberties? Our principles of government guarantees every American safeguards against injustice which robs us of our rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution. And yet this system of child protective services has the most diabolical of intentions. Its doctrines operate under a system of diabolical lies. They enforce the separation of children and families using a system of pseudoscience that operates in direct contradiction to our system of government which was put in place to safeguard the liberties of the average citizen. Thousands of us have been forced to accept the illegal and unethical dictates of an unconstitutional child protective services system. Millions of Americans willingly or unwillingly, have been forced to thoughtlessly accept its unjust stipulations. For this we shall never be allowed to live a normal life. For though laws which are made apply to the law makers and the law breakers, child protective services has been allowed to rob all of their individual liberties. Injustice for one is injustice for all. Since our principles of government have become obscured by this system we call child protective services, it is up to us, the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union to "make things right". We operate under a law of universal justice for children and families. It is our intention to react humanely to an inhumane problem. We view the actions of this current child protective system as a "war of aggression" against children and families in America. CPS does not care about families, only the profits it reaps from tearing families apart. Child protective services is a corporate entity. All corporate entities are primarily concerned with generating profits. Cps profits are made off of the backs of our defenseless children. This National Union was created to create unity amongst oppressed families. Our unity shall become one voice. This voice will be enough to rid us of our oppressors. We parents have been oppressed. We have been exploited. We are denied our Constitutionally guaranteed Parental Rights. We have been deprived of our natural Human Rights. We must all come together against our common enemy. Child Protective Services in America is the enemy of Families in America.

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