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Our Moral Selves

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

In the realm of child protective services we advocates of the Parental Rights Movement in America sincerely believe that our actions are beyond redemption. We believe that we are embroiled in some sort of perverse plot. How unstable and untrustworthy the universe has become. For this is a once in a lifetime event. We cannot possibly predict exactly what we shall do next. If we get into trouble, no one is coming to help us. Some of us are so stuck in the past that they cannot see the future. Tearing down is easy , it is building up that is difficult. We must not let this movement, or our Union grow stale. We wish that we had more time, yet we know that we do not have time to wait. We are totally and absolutely committed to this fight. It is like a journey, from birth to death. We are through with cps and its measures of intimidation which has often times plunged many of us into the darkest depths of self doubt. Cps has completely controlled the adoption narrative for many many years. For over two and one half decades parents and children have cried and complained to anyone who would listen to try to express to them that what cps does is completely against human nature and to support what they do makes one complicit in their crimes. In this fight against this injustice if you are soft hearted you will fail. We each are navigating our own destinies. Yet there are those of us who believe that a life of service is somehow some sort of life of greatness. We strive to represent our sense of community ethics. We shall as a National Union transcend our obstacles and grow our community of Advocates into an organization which takes a brave stand and will never be marginalized. We shall create a galvanized resistance that contains spiritual righteousness that will be geared towards guaranteeing all parents their undeniable Parental Rights which are guaranteed by this nations U.S. Constitution. Currently in the Parental Rights Movement in America there is a unification issue. There are many many organizations vying for leadership of the entire movement. There are millions of dollars at stake, But what about the children? They are the ones suffering the brunt of the atrocities perpetuated by cps. Many individuals are becoming rich and famous promoting their supposed ability of helping desperate parents in need of assistance against cps aggressions. Their promises are hollow and fall short of our goal of reuniting every wrongfully removed child back to the custody of their true parents. Currently in the media Congressional Hearings are being held regarding the Department of Health and Human Services which is a organization whose director is a member of the U.S. Presidents Cabinet. HHS is the department which oversees ALL Child Protective Services agencies in this country as well as every U.S. hospital. Our elected senators and congressmen are fixated on the approximately 460,000 unaccompanied children and minors crossing our borders into the U. S. who are taken into custody by this agency. Of the nearly half million children nearly 100,000 are unaccounted for in the past 2 years. That number is probably significantly higher. Our elected officials queried HHS Department heads about the whereabouts of these children and HHS's responsibilities in maintaining the children's safety. HHS has absolutely no idea who these vulnerable children were parceled out to and admits many have fallen victim to sex trafficking. The current Israeli-Hamas war has killed nearly 5000 children. Nearly 1,000,000 families have been displaced and are now homeless. In addition to children there whose parents have been killed, these children shall fall victim to atrocities unimaginable to you or I. World governments have been quick in the denunciation of combatants on both sides with even some of our elected officials expressing outrage over the fate of these children. And yet our elected officials are eerily silent when it comes to addressing the CPS-PARENTS war which has been raging in America for over two and one half decades which has displaced 10"s of millions of Americans Families and has caused the deaths of over two million Americans children.

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