Our National Union's Mission

This National Union is committed to compelling this Nations Child Protective Services system to grant freedom and fairness to American children and families. As it now stands CPS has and continues to act like twisted fanatics to unjustly separate innocent families. CPS actions continue to ruin the lives of innocent children and families. CPS actions continue to ruin the lives of innocent children and families. They act as if they are the masters of their age in this era of separating families. These are dark days indeed for American families. We advocates for justice for families are not crazy. For nearly 20 years Child Protective Services has shook the foundation of American morality. This union and its advocates have unlimited creativity when addressing CPS injustices against American families. We have one job and that is forcing this nation's unjust Child Protective Services system to stop their intentions of ruining the lives of children and families they target. We shall unite this country and move it past these dark days of CPS injustice. Along the way we intend to bring criminal CPS social workers and their supervisors to justice. Our efforts shall result in the trial of the century against this nations Child Protective Services system. CPS continues to be underperforming when it comes to actually protecting vulnerable and at risk children. CPS has shook the foundation of what this country has established as Protected Parental Rights which are enshrined in this nation's U.S. Constitution. Like "Avenging Angels" our Union State Presidents and officials shall confront the evils of each states unjust CPS system. If we are unable clean this CPS situation up then someone else must and will. The Foster Children Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union will be successful in our endeavors.

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