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Something From Nothing

My definition of an artist is someone who creates something from nothing. They take a blank canvass or a lump of clay and create beautiful works of art, some of which are truly masterpieces. Most artists are innovative and creative people, they see the world through their unique vision and perspective. They then bring that vision to reality for others to understand and appreciate. We advocates and victims of this infamous oppression at the hands of an unjust and unfair child protective services system are all artists. Our pain and suffering from the loss of those so dear to us has awaken parts of our minds we did not know existed. We shall take this knowledge and suffering and bring to life this National Union our canvas is this entire nation. We shall paint a portrait of thousands and thousands of us all, united from coast to coast in one mighty union. Bringing brush strokes of change to every foul, unjust and corrupt office of child protective services in every county in every state and U.S. Territory of this entire country.

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This National Union must ensure that children in America who need the most help receive it. In order to achieve this we as a Union must improve our weaker elements. America's children deserve better.

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