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With fond memories and much sadness this union announces the resignation of our National Vice President Barbara "Sweetie" Medlin. Due to personal reasons Sweetie will no longer be available to assist us. You will be missed Sweetie. Amylynn Whalen od Massachusetts has been appointed our new National Vice President. Ms. Whalen, with 19 years of cps experience under her belt is the very best person to continue to move this union forward to complete national assembly. Additionally we shall be have a recruitment drive in our search for state officers for the remaining chapters which do not possess leadership. If you or another tireless advocate is interested in the position please submit your request and home state to the National President Melvin Punch via this forum. Additionally this union has made an assistance disbursement from our union reserve fund to Annette Rauch in the amount of thirty dollars. Annette, a relentless advocate for children and families and an organizer of the 1st and 2nd March 6th"Nationwide Protest against CPS" injustice and a catalyst for the formation of this union is desperately ill, homeless and at risk of imminent death. Our prayers are with this proud victim of cps injustice.

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