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Troubling Times Ahead For The Parental Rights Movement

My fellow Union Members, Parental Rights Advocates and Union Followers. For those of us who have been embroiled in this massive fight against this country's unjust and unlawful child protective services system these past two or three years, we know very well how the effects of the Covid Pandemic have disrupted even more the almost non existent relationship that exists between children in state custody and their parents desperately attempting to retrieve them. During the pandemic Family Courts were closed, delaying the adjudication of parents and their cps cases for many months and in some cases years. Physical contact between parents and their children in cps custody through visits were totally eliminated in almost every state for nearly two years. It took over seven months since the shutdowns began before child protective services felt obligated to begin video calls between children in cps care and their grieving parents. Although able to finally interact with their children via the internet, these video calls did little to soothe the wants of these children to be held and comforted by their long missing parents. And even less to provide the basic needs of infants and very small children to physically bond with their birth parents. Although the suspension of contact visits caused tremendous hardships between these children and their parents, it did little to isolate these children and keep them "safe" from covid for these children in cps custody were still being exposed daily to the presence of foster parents, foster parents family and friends, cps social workers, adoption workers and court appointed attorneys. The only ones deemed to be "unsafe" to be around children in cps custody during the height of the pandemic were their own birth parents. In the process child protective services systems in every county in every state managed to save hundreds of millions of dollars they did not have to spend to transport these children to and from visits, pay cps social workers to monitor those visits or create the reports these visits would have generated. Cps did not even consider the possibility of "making up" these lost visits or the time lost which would have been spent between parents and their children during covid. As news accounts of possible war between the United States, China and Russia dominate the news, bank failures occurring on a massive scale, the possible collapse of the U.S. dollar, environmental disasters occurring across the country and whatever else that may be looming just over the horizen have many Americans justifiably nervous. We in this, "The Civil Rights Battle of Our Era" MUST remain vigilant. The next major "National Disaster"which occurrs will place the rights of children in cps care and their parents in a very very precarious position if not wipe away our Parental and Constitutional Rights altogether. This National Union MUST completely form now, and without delay. We shall form into a National Organization that in the event of the next national disruption, to be the hope of and give direction to millions of parents and their children in cps care across the entire country. Connected state by state with physical Union Chapters in every state we may be the only organization that may be able to assist in the reunification of our taken children and their parents if child protective services and family courts do fail us again. Time may not be a luxury we can afford to waste. Many have and will join us. Not to be a member of our team, but to only learn our game plan. We say come. This National Union has and shall continue to set the Standard for ALL Parental Rights Organizations to follow. This Union has implemented a system whereby our State Chapter Leaders, all 54 of them, can introduce changes and improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of this Union on the state as well as the National Level. Through persistence, hard work, dedication and determination we shall continue to build our Union and to re-establish those community ethics of family and community that child protective services in this country have abandoned. We shall transcend our obstacles to forming this Union and pray that our fellow American citizens support our efforts even though they themselves have not been directly affected by the problem. We as a National Union are not in an enviable position. We have been dismissed, marginalized and ridiculed. This has also occurred to others in the past who have fought for the freedom of others, from the Labor Movement, Farm Workers Movement and the Civil Rights Movement of the fifties and sixties. It is strange to me how unionizing Starbucks and Mcdonalds employees, although deserving of organizing, receive far more attention for their organizing activities than this our National Union who are a Union of families, abused children and individuals completely devoid of rights to their children or Constitutional protections contained in our legal system. The system we are organizing against is broken. Child protective services robs children and families they interact with of their humanity. Cps social workers are not honorable people. You cannot expect honesty from people who lie to themselves. After years and years of unjustly and illegally removing vulnerable children from innocent parents, cps social workers have conditioned themselves to believe that anything illegal or unlawful that they do to effect these removals is justified by the removal, even if it means that the removal occurred by falsifying documents, lying in court or targeting innocent and vulnerable families. This National Union shall show cps how very wrong that they are. As our Union grows there are plans being made to organize this Union's First National Event. We hope to be able to bring our state leaders from every U.S. state and occupied territory to one location to formulate a National Strategy to combat cps aggression. This is scheduled for March of 2024. Travel, hotel accomodations, advertising, permits, speakers and activities must all be planned and organized. We shall attempt to use a combination of Union Dues, donations and the sales from our upcoming release of our Union Apparel Line to finance this endeavor. We must begin now, and we already have. Slowly yet steadily. Right now we are a "diamond in the rough", shortly we shall shine ever so brightly. We are creating an epic story of ourselves and the formation of this our National Union. Recently our Union suffered the loss of one of our founding members who resigned for personal reasons. Although a major loss to our organization there are countless of other dedicated Union Members who have stepped up to fill the void created by that untimely resignation. We shall reorganize and continue to move forward with our organizing. Some of us in this movement may believe that they are not worthy for this huge task before them. It seems that fate has other plans. We grow stronger as each day passes. This movement and the actions we take while a part of it is far far bigger than any one individual. In our isolation, we are practically powerless. United, this National Union, is unstoppable.

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