War Of Aggression, Hostility and Oppression by CPS on American Children and Families

Child Protective Services in America in reality has broken no "sacred trust" to American families even though they disregard Constitutionally Protected Parental Rights, unlawfully kidnaps hundreds of thousands of children from "innocent" parents every year, loses track of thousands of children in their care nationally, and are sometimes responsible when a child in their care is killed. They have broken no trust because cps was never created to assist families, follow the law or safeguard children. Child Protective Services was created solely to be the mechanism by which children will be taken, usually by "any" means necessary. This union will attempt to bring together Americans from all state and territories to join together in on massive National Union, one with thousands if not tens of thousands of members. We may not be there yet, but in a very short while we will be. A National Union of this magnitude can effect change in Parental Rights Laws on a national level. We would be the premier Parental Rights Organization in the United States. To accomplish this our unions State Presidents along with its National Officers must begin a discussion on how to accomplish this and also on how to best move this union forward to where we wish it to be. Our State Pages continue to grow. New State Presidents are being appointed each day. We must begin the task of finding new ways to work together, multiple State Chapters, pooling their members and resources for multi state intervention and action. Once our Chapter building and charter buses are purchased we shall plan regional activities monthly. We must have absolute faith and belief in our ability as a National Union to be able to assist and help ourselves and our members. And we do not expect any value for what we are willing to give. We understand that child protective services in America is a massive, well financed and immensely difficult system to fight. They maintain absolute control over a foul system that they created and removed all control a parent could have with their child. This is criminal and must not be allowed to continue. Facts are many of the leaders and members of even this union, are in it for individualistic reasons. Most are fighting for their loved ones return. The return of "their" family member. Some have very little empathy for the plight of the children of others. That is very sad indeed. Those individuals can be very hard to work with at all. But we must put these matters behind us and focus on what may be ahead of us. Parents whose children have been removed over two years know full well how easily child protective services trampled our rights and our access to our child for two full years during the Covid "crisis". Some did not see their children for two full years. If some new national or international "emergency" erupt, parents may lose all rights to their children as well as all access to courts for recourse. Parents shall then have absolutely "no other choice" but to go and rescue their "stolen" children themselves.

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