Why We Must Form This Union

Individuals caught up in a fight against child protective services have no where to turn. They are isolated and alone to fight the battle on their own. Against a corporation such as cps, with its nearly unlimited resources and "respectability" most will fail. It is a devastating loss, felt most intently by mothers who bore the children. Chat rooms can help. They offer solace and advice from other victims. But as the parents case progresses and days turn into weeks and weeks into years, most find that "Nothing Has Changed" and their children are still gone. We aim to change that. We propose that through the use of funding from donations, union dues and a percentage from lawsuits won, we will eventually flood the entire federal court system with enough suits for damages that they will capitulate. They must. The cost of litigation is high but the rewards for successful litigation are great. We propose that for every $10,000 we invest, the return should be $1,000,000. The system has left itself wide open for billions of dollars in federal lawsuits. The only way to change cps is to affect "municipalities in the pocket." We can do this, but only with your help. We have assembled a fine team of advocates who have been placed in leadership positions in their prospective states. These individuals are some of the most respected individuals in the Parental Rights Movement. Checks and balances have been put in place to deter any fraud or theft. And this organization is in existence only to seek positive change in the foster care system and to bring unjustly removed children home.

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