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With Faith All Things Are Possible

My fellow advocates. We are entering into an unprecedented time in our nation's history, the history of all of mankind. I have spoken before of the "awakening" currently occurring around the globe where people who would normally not be aware or much less be concerned about social issues or the hypocrisy of government, are suddenly massing in the streets by the tens of thousands to demand justice and accountability from governments. This phenomenon is not isolated to one country or continent, but has ignited an explosion of protests globally by individuals who in unison now chant "we have had enough". Here in America we advocates of the Parental Rights Movement have also "had enough". Stripped of our rights to the point of our children being viewed as being "commercial property" for the state, we are now coming together in one massive organization to right those wrongs and to save our children from a fate worse than death. Our individual liberties demands universal justice. Our current principles of government robs us of our liberties and attempts to force us to accept thoughtlessly the dictates of an unjust, unfair and unconstitutional child protective services system. No more will this be the case. We resolve to suffer no more under the tyranny of child protective services. We have been bruised and battered and yet we refuse to accept defeat. The laws under which child protective services operates under although legal are far from from lawful. We subscribe to the laws inherent in man. Those just laws and principles by which sane men and women are endowed. The current legal system contains laws which are written, administered and enforced to enable child protective services to steal, abuse and traffick our vulnerable children. Cps has the most diabolical of intentions. They constantly break the law while accusing parents of being lawbreakers. They harm our children physically, mentally and emotionally then accuse parents of some future abuse of children using their unique brand of pseudoscience. They condemn children to a form of slavery from which these children never escape, for it resonates with them their entire lives. The law applies to the "law makers" as much as it does to the supposed "law breakers" and yet child protective services operates with absolute impunity in every state and occupied U.S. Territory. The Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union says "No More". Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. The idea that this National Union, united across this vast country is an idea whose time is way overdue. Such an idea that there can exist such a union dedicated to justice and family integrity, one with the strength and numbers to affect cps on a national level to some may seem impossible. And yet the impossible now seems possible as our union grows in strength and numbers each day. I am reminded of a saying by a very wise man of God who prayed to God for strength, wisdom, courage and love. He said that when he prayed to God for strength, God gave him difficulties to make him strong. When he prayed for wisdom, God gave him problems to solve. When he prayed for courage, God gave him dangers to overcome. When he prayed for love, God gave him troubled people to care for. With faith all things are possible. We advocates of the Foster Children, Parents and Parental Rights Advocates Union have faith in God, Faith in our union and faith in one another. We WILL win this fight against an inhumane child protective services system. "Respect our Existence, Expect our Resistance.

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